I Help Doctors Get Paid By Teaching Them How To Ethically Convert New Patients Into Happily Paying $3-$7K Out of Pocket for Care Programs Using Neuroscience and Biology...WITHOUT Hard-Closing Anyone, Using Weird Scripts, or Relying on Insurance.

It's time you learn the "Anti-Selling Conversion Model". Based in neuroscience and simple to learn. Watch the video in full to understand the NEW model that will transform your business and future!

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I will show you how to collect more cash revenue into your business without ever feeling "pushy" or "pressuring" anyone.

  • Help you explain exactly what you do in a direct and succinct way that will have your prospects know exactly why they need your care and services, happily pay your full prices out of pocket, tell others without being prompted to do so, and stay with you the long haul.  
  • ​Feel great about the profession you are in again, lower the stress and chaos of business, get more consistent results, and stop having to work so hard. 
  • You are a health expert who gets amazing results with your people, you should be getting well paid for what you do. 
  • ​Think about other businesses and industries that do not provide the level of life and value to the world and they are making a killing, that is time to change. The difference is selling what you do and collecting profits.

Imagine what collecting $10-20K more cash per month without more expenses and with half the stress of "hard -selling" or "closing"?

  • You don’t have to go to a seminar or get new certifications.
  • You won’t need to add new services or special offers.
  • ​You won't be using outdated scripting or hard selling.
  • ​You don't need to hire a bunch of more employees
  • You surely don't need to have a huge social media following or post content every day.

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Effective communication has a direct impact on your 
conversion rate... and revenue.
Learn how easy it is to make big impacts with small changes

Chiropractors, Functional Medicine Doctors, and Online Health & Wellness Experts Who…

  • Love to serve people but hate the necessary selling aspect of your business. 
  • ​Know that you have a unique and effective approach to helping people but are not reaching the level of success in revenue and business that you know you’re capable of reaching.
  • ​Are experiencing yo-yo results when it comes to converting prospects, getting commitments, and making money. 
  • ​Are good with explaining what you do but do not like talking about money. 
  • ​Fed up with the “salesy” scripts and sales processes taught by most coaches and gurus. 
  • Are not getting the referrals and revenue that you should be getting. 
  • ​Have colleagues and peers less qualified than you but are getting better results and it kinda pisses you off. 
  • ​Cannot see doing this long-term if it requires this much energy and stress. 
  • ​Love what you do for your prospects but are growing to hate the business and selling aspect.  

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Radiant Life HEALTH PRACTICE collected $20,000+ per month in last 18 months

Dr. Andrew Kammerman is the owner and practitioner of Radiant Life Health Practice in Omaha, NE. His practice is known for providing high quality pediatric care to give children the freedom to learn, grow and heal as God created them to. Dr. Andy, as his patients call him, wanted to create a conversion system that aligned with his beliefs and passion to serve families while also increasing his commitments and cash collections. 
The Process
When we met Dr. Andrew he was running a practice that was not growing like he wanted. His community impact to reach kids of all needs was not where he had imagined when he first started his practice. He was getting new patients in the door but not getting them to stay, pay and refer. He had a story but wasn’t using it in a way to see a difference in his conversions or collections. He knew he needed help but didn’t know where to start.

Dr. Andrew reached out to see if we could help. After a Discovery Call, he immediately realized he was not using his greatest communication tool. We dove and unpacked, reverse engineered, and helped him create and deliver the most impactful conversion process. It wasn’t long before his conversions and revenue began to rise.

From that point, we worked with Dr. Andrew to refine his report of findings to include the key influence triggers to not only strengthen his conviction but to increase his conversions 20% with consistency.

The Results
When Dr. Andrew joined our program, he had a simple goal of building a practice that could help kids just like him. In less than 60 days, we helped him achieve one of his highest revenue month ever at $60,000. He raised his conversion rates over 20%, collecting an average of $20,000 more per month. In 18 months he had collected $360,000 more than he had before starting The Conversion Cure Program.  
radiant life health practice


Dr. Dan Bronstein is the Clinic Director of Beacon Health Clinic in Grover Beach, CA. Dr. Dan’s passion lies in caring for children and families. As a health practitioner, he has performed research and written multiple articles on the holistic treatment of children and has focused a core of his practice on the management of chronic birth trauma and pelvic distortion in pregnancy.  He wanted to understand how to better communicate in his report of findings to connect without overwhelming them with facts and data.
The Process
Dr. Dan was referred to our program by one of our clients. He committed 110% to our process and did not miss an opportunity to ask questions. In just 7 weeks his conversions started to rise. He could see a change in the patients with every report of findings that he never had before. He knew that now every patient that left his office whether they started care or not, knew exactly what his practice stands for and how their care is different. His conviction was rock solid and now his certainty was too. The financial conversation became easier with each report of findings because the foundation had been laid. 

The Results
When Dr. Dan committed to our program, he had goals to expand his clinic. His dedication and trust in our process had results far beyond his initial expectations. His ability to connect on an emotional level with each patient without sacrificing time, peaked his conversion rate to 95% within just 7 weeks. He was able to solidify his work and home schedule. When completing his first quarter stats he hit the highest revenue in his 100% cash practice.
It's Never Been a More Opportunistic Time to Grow Your Health Business. 
And here's why...
1) The Need - People need what you have more than ever. More sickness, pain and chronic conditions plague our society. You know this and see it every day. 

2) Trends and Experts estimate the growth of all Health & Wellness to go from $4 Trillion to $6 Trillion in the next two years. This makes you very valuable to the marketplace. Your business and message needs to be known. 

3) The Post-Pandemic Era and the Availability Bias


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Unfortunately, the sales industry is very outdated. The old model of selling does not honor or abide by the law of human decision-making and neuroscience. It’s exactly why “selling” has gotten a bad rap. But the problem is not selling, the problem is the approach that has been taught in every industry for decades. 
You are a product of this teaching. And it’s not your fault. But you have to change. You need to make the shift with the “Anti-Selling Conversion Model” and I am here to teach you exactly how to do it. 

There’s a reason that selling has been become a dirty word or kind of feels slimy to most of us. The only people that love selling are the extroverts who are fine with rejection. Well I’ve never been fine with rejection or talking money, which is why the old models made me stressed. If your business relies on being an extrovert who constantly has to do hard things that seem kinda slimy in order to have success, how long will you be able to sustain that? 
And that’s exactly what I see. 
The issue is that you have an amazing service and gift to help people with, but you cannot get it to them if they don’t value it enough to commit, pay and follow through. The “Anti-Selling Conversion Model” will not only help you do this, but it will have your prospects and patients share a special bond with you. A bond that will help them remember everything about why they are with you, tell others without being prompted to do so, and stay with you for as long as you’re in business. 

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I’ve been there, I have always “hated” the idea of sales. But I was also told to just go “tell the story” and people will commit, pay, stay and tell others. Well that didn’t happen either. 

For me…I came from a medical family, my mother, brothers, and sister. I was brought up in the conventional medical model. I didn't have just one set of tubes in my ears, I had two. Got my tonsils out at 9. And then I was injured pole vaulting in track and field as a junior in high school.
I went to all the top doctors, had all of the tests, and even visited specialists at a university medical center. Nothing helped. 

I was told that it was all in my head. And then our family dentist recommended a chiropractor. And the rest is history. Well, sort of…

Long story short, I went to college wanting to be a chiropractor. 
I still thought chiropractic was just about helping athletes with their back pain. 
Like it did for me. 
But as I started to study it, my life and outlook was transformed. 
I came out of school with a license and a passion to help people. 
But I didn't have an entrepreneurial bone in my body...
I initially wanted to be a partner with someone in practice.

But my gut kept telling me to do my own thing. 

I knew I needed coaching. And that’s what I did. 
But it was initially just about scripts and scripts. 
I had some early success…
But then one month, it all changed. 
My dad got sick - and it forced me to change my communication. 
And things surprisingly transformed.  
I couldn't believe it because I finally felt myself. 
Ended on the big stage to help more people create influence and impact more lives 
Not an entrepreneurial bone in my body
I was not using someone else’s words and scripts, I felt myself. 
I was using the most powerful communication weapon I never even thought was relevant. 
And it felt good. Effortless. Fun again in practice. And we blew up! 
But then I tried to coach it. 
Very inconsistent because I did the same thing. I taught my clients how to do what I do. 
And in 2011 I remember going to a chiropractic school to give a lecture. My eyes were opened. I realized I needed to do something about this. 
I sold my practice and got so convicted and wanted to eradicate scripting for certainty.  

I was committed to teaching the profession that it was more about our voice behind our words rather than the words themselves. And I was on to something but still couldn’t crack the code for everyone I was teaching.  

I started another practice. 
And then I helped start a franchise model to get it off the ground. 
I launched my “research” poster, teaching and programs. 
I taught at a University. 
I studied and spoke all over the world. 
I created a brain lamp model because I needed to blend the science and communication. 
I’ve been on the front end of this with unique insight and experience. And then something happened…I had a client whom I mentored. He was sharp. Knew the research. Knew all the science as good or better than me. 

But he sent me his conversion communication report, and I literally thought it was a joke. Because this was a strong minded health practitioner. 
But his communication was so poor. It hit me. 
It’s not just about knowing the science. 
We can “educate” people all we want. 
But we must be able to influence their decisions. 
We must be able to convert them into paying, committed clients who are willing to tell others.  

This forced me to really study how humans make decisions.
Combining my background in neuroscience, I broke it all down…

If you are going to make a shift in your practice, conversions and revenue…
You need to implement 3 key brain-based steps that I lay will lay out for you in a minute…

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I’ve written the book on how to overcome the trust issue that you have with every prospect. 

Your prospects are exposed to more information, they have more choices, and they can give more feedback than ever before in human history. 

It has been said that the average human in our culture is exposed to more information in 10 minutes today than the average person was exposed to over an entire lifetime just 100 years ago. 

You must have a plan for this.

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The Anti-Selling Conversion Model 

The New Model is based on neuroscience and how the brains of your prospects respond to messages and make decisions. It teaches you to sell without selling. There are no outdated scripts or pushy “sales talk”. You build trust with the most natural brain-based method of communication. The Anti-Selling Conversion Model will help you turn the most skeptical cautious prospects into happily paying fans who get great results and tell others. 

The New Model is simple, science-backed, and able to build attract, align and build trust with today’s buyers. You have not been taught this model but once you learn and implement, you will quickly set yourself apart from the competition. And build the business to make the impact and income you have always desired. 


Trust and Connection - this is built with the Narrative Paradigm. Based on neuroscience yet simple to learn and apply immediately. 

Tone and Conviction - Quickly assess and upgrade the “voice behind your words” 
38% of your communication comes from your Tone (vocal variety) 
There is a simple way to shortcut and fast-track your message with effective tone that never fails. 
55% of your communication comes from your body language. The Anti-Selling Conversion Model shows you exactly how to leverage the greatest body language that will quickly build trust with the most cautious prospects without you saying a word. (even on zoom calls) 

Care with Questions - Every prospect will “feel” how much you care when you unleash the perfect questions at the right time. We show our care in the “conversion process” with questions. The fMRI research reveals the most important questions to ask in the perfect timing to get every prospect “feeling” how much you care. 

Remember that people will always forget what you said or the information you covered, but they will never forget how you made them feel. The “Anti-Selling Conversion” Model will make them feel a specific way that has them remembering your message, taking action, investing, and telling others. 
The Old Model of selling consists of 5 major components. But the biggest problem is that they immediately trigger the skeptical (pre-frontal cortex) part of the brain. This means that you must have a “perfect sales pitch” to get the majority of people to buy. Or you will muscle them into converting and buying, but this has never been a good long term play. You may be familiar with the old model…

STEP 1) Build Rapport - find something in common with them 
STEP 2) Find Out What they Want 
STEP 3) Features and Benefits - explain the features and benefits of your product/service/offer
STEP 4) Overcome Objections - make sure to address their objections and attempt to overcome them with data, facts or proof
STEP 6) Close - always be closing them into action 

This has translated to you more than any other profession. 
Why? Because we are analytical and we feel the need to “explain” things in order to overcome the lack of cultural authority we have in healthcare. 

But they want to hear about themselves so why would we tell them anything about us? 

This is what logic tells us. But the brain is not logical. You must remember this. 
The brain needs motive in order to have trust. 
Referral patients and clients are the best because they were referred by someone they already trust. So that trust is extended to them. 

But what if I told you that I can show you how to build more trust and convert more of your “cold” non-referred patients and prospects than those referred in by your best patients and clients? 
It is not just possible, it’s the truth. And it’s based in neuroscience. 

THE OLD MODEL is not brain-friendly. What I mean is that the OLD MODEL is not for everyone because it requires a specific personality to have the natural born ability to make it work with the prospect’s brain. But for those of us who do not have the natural “communication and selling” traits to struggle. And worse yet, have an amazing service and offer to help people with but build a business that is so stressful because we feel like we are pushing people to buy. 

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STEP 1: 93% of Your Communication is NOT Your Words

This is why reciting the exact scripts that your mentors or coaches used will get you frustrated and inconsistent results. 

Ted Talk Research - Research reveals stunning findings regarding the most influential Ted Talks. Studies showed that the most important two aspects of the most viewed Ted Talks came down to “vocal variety” and “hand gestures”. The better the vocal variety and more hand gestures used, the more the message was viewed. Even with messages on the same topic, these distinctions set one apart from the other. 

This is consistent with how humans trust and make decisions. 
55% of your communication comes from your body language. Those who had more hand gestures had better body language. Not perfectly rehearsed body language, the hand gestures revealed a passion for the content.

38% of your communication comes from your tone. When you have more vocal variety, you trigger the trust-building pathways immediately. But it must be authentic. When you learn the shortcut, you can build trust without changing the words you use. 

The Anti-Selling Conversion Model teaches you the shortcut to maximizing the 93% communication rule. 

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STEP 2: Craft Your Story Using the FORMULA 

Your story will hijack the brain in a good way. 
There is no other form of communication or combination of facts, data or information that can influence the “decision-making” part of the brain like your story can. 

Your story is the single greatest tool you have. It is the best technology any leader or entrepreneur can use to gain more authority and credibility with humans. 

Oxytocin is the name of the hormone you will trigger when you put your story into the Impact Story Formula and begin using it appropriately. Oxytocin is the trust hormone. 
When you know how to unpack, reverse engineer and deliver your story with power and precision…you will elicit oxytocin in your audience every single time. As a result, they will know, like and trust you. When this happens, they commit, buy and tell others. 

Most entrepreneurs still think: 

1) I don’t have a story
2) People don’t want to hear my story, they are focused on themselves. 

Both of these are false. And I can prove it to you. 
Simon Sinek said, “People buy why you do what you do before the how or the what.” 

Did I mention it's a gold mine?
Research shows that adding a story to a product or offer increased the value by 38x. 
Your story will separate you from your competition.

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STEP 3: Overcome Every Money, Time and Trust Objection in the Most Natural & Simple Way (before they even come up) 

The reason why prospects have objections is because they have been trained to believe that business owners, entrepreneurs and even well-intentioned health experts have a primary motive of making money. If you do not address this, you will always have yo-yo results with your conversions and collections .
But you cannot just come out and say things like..
“I’m honest” “I’m trustworthy” “I’m committed” “I don’t do this for money” etc.

If you were to say those things, not only would you sound weird…it would immediately throw red flags in the minds of your prospects. And it should. If you have to say it, it tells your prospects that you most likely don’t even believe it. 

It’s all about your motive. When your prospect “feels” that your motive is more than making money, they gain trust. Your reverse-engineered story will do just that. 

The Anti-Selling Conversion Model reverse engineers the top objections into the story. This will make it so easy to overcome their challenges or often unsaid cautions before they even come up. This strategy also bakes the 5 psychological triggers directly into your communication so that you are speaking directly to the decision-making part of the brain. 

They can argue your research and science, but they cannot argue your story. 

Side Note:
The human brain is not wired for story per se. But it is wired for social interaction. Stories best display the social interaction, making it the most powerful weapon you will ever use in sales and communication. 

These steps will help you deliver every message to the most important parts of the brain every single time so your prospects hear it, value it, pay for it and are propelled to tell others about it. 

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The greatest salespeople of all time use story. But you don’t even know them as sales people because they do not come across as selling. They come across as people on a mission because of their own journey. With an authentic desire to help. And what they are doing by taking this approach is being the greatest sales people in the world. You will be no different.
Jordan Rubin
Jordan founded one of the most successful health supplement companies in the world called Garden of Life. He currently is the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, a world-leading whole food supplement company. Jordan has written many books and has been a well-known leader in the natural health industry. How did he get started? His own journey. Jordan consistently shares his story in books, on podcasts, and from many stages. He was sick with Crohn’s disease and on the verge of death when he found natural food remedies and supplements that nourished him back to life. It is his story that captures the hearts and minds of people, leading them to his businesses because of the trust he gains with anyone who hears it. It is the power of his story. 
Tony Ebel
Dr Tony Ebel started the most successful pediatric chiropractic movement in the world. Tony’s passion and expertise to change the lives of countless kids and families started with his own family. When his son Oliver was born, he spent days in the NICU because of complications at birth. Doctors told Tony and his wife that their son would never be normal. They were told by the “experts” that he would have seizures, brain problems and sensory issues for as long as he lives. This drove Tony to research, study, and work to find the solutions that his son Oliver needed. Oliver is now a normal boy. Actually, he is far from normal. Oliver is a strong, healthy young man who has defied all odds. This story of Tony’s own child stokes his passion and drive to build the largest pediatric chiropractic movement the world has ever seen. It’s all about the story. 
Josh Axe
Dr Josh Axe has built one of the largest natural health websites in the world along with a world leading wellness and supplement company called Ancient Nutrition. If you’ve ever heard Josh on a podcast or read one of his books, you will hear him speak of his mother’s journey in overcoming cancer naturally. It was his experience in helping his mother defeat cancer naturally that fueled his passion for helping the world get healthier through whole food nutrition, supplementation and a healthy lifestyle. The story is the foundation because it displays his big “why”. It bridges his listeners, readers and customers to a solution they can relate with and achieve. 
You have a story.
People need to hear it and will love it when they do
When delivered reproducibly in the right way will have your prospects, even cold ones, will buy from you without you ever “hard closing” anyone
Put an End to your Roller Coaster Results Immediately
You have seen classmates and colleagues less skilled and less intelligent than you…but crushing it.

You’ve accomplished a lot in your life and have always been able to achieve. You’ve never had a challenge you couldn’t overcome.

But this one is different and you can’t seem to figure it out. You get some wins but it's so inconsistent...

But you know something needs to change… 

You feel like the noise is so loud and others are getting ahead only because they are slick with their words and know how to “sell” 

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1) Get a PhD or more certifications - many health experts think that the only way they can get more attention to their message, and more leads and prospects following recommendations...is to get more letters behind their name. This is one option, but it's the more expensive and time-consuming option. 

2) Relate, Connect & Become More Well-Known - I can show you exactly how to do this. It is a multi-faceted approach that requires understanding how the brain makes decisions and crafting your message accordingly. My clients learn this right away and we work on the message to work in any health niche. 

Old vs New Way Of Communication that Converts...

We've Discovered How To Be Massively Profitable From Day One, Whilst Following A Simple Process To Scale Your Business To 7-Figures.

                 The OLD Way

The NEW Way

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When you learn how to implement this formula, you will quickly increase…

  • Your Following 
  • ​Your Marketing 
  • ​Your Offers
  • ​Your Sales and Conversions 
  • ​Your Revenue 
  • ​Most Importantly - Your Mission
    Here’s the deal. You know you have more to offer than most of the “gurus” you see online doing well. You have nothing against them, but you know you are just as, if not more qualified than them to build your business and change lives. 

    It’s time you learn the formula. 

    It’s based on neuroscience, psychology and human biology. 

    So if you are tired of trading dollars for time and you know you have what it takes to build a bigger impact and 2x-13x your business and income while working less...

    Let’s Talk.

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    Imagine 90 days from now…

    New prospects will pay out of their pocket, follow through on your recommendations, and tell others without you asking or prompting them to do so. You will become visible to the people you want to help most. You will have a renewed passion for what you do and feel like you can take on any challenge. When you have the confidence to know that you can consistently move people, the entire business changes. Your life changes! 

    In 90 days(and most of the time much less), your communication, conversions and business will transform.


    Across many countries!

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    Why Work With Us?

    Imagine the health business you dreamed about creating when you started down this path?

    Think about it…you are a leader. You are a thinker. You are an achiever and someone who accomplishes almost anything you’ve ever set your mind to. 

    There is no reason your health business is not the same. In order to move this big mountain in business, you need to know how to move people.

    The need is there. People need what you have and you see it everyday. 

    Imagine having the financial freedom to buy the things you know others enjoy but you’ve not been in a place to buy or experience. 
    Imagine not looking at price tags on clothes, vacations, or even cars. 

    Imagine the freedom to leave for long weekends, your kids games or activities any night of the week, or a surprise vacation with your spouse…with no worry of your practice dipping or collections going down. 

    Imagine having excitement about your business again. 
    There is no reason you should be burning out or not having fun anymore. 

    You are closer than you think. Book a call to find out if you qualify to work with us and experience the financial freedom, time freedom, and impact you dreamed about.

    We Guarantee Our Results so We Start with a "Discovery Call" to Find Out if We Can Help You.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You've got questions, we've got answers.
    Do I need to have any specific certifications or do a specific technique to get results?
    Nope, come as you are. 
    Do I need a large social media following, a big email list, or will I need to create content every day in order for this to work?  
    No, you do not need any of the above. We will show you how to have success without having a big following or the need to post content every week. 
    Is this a general program delivered to groups? 
    No…great question! This is a customized program. You will be working directly with me and my team. This model requires you to be you. We will help you craft the most bulletproof and customized conversion process that has your accountant wondering if you are selling illegal substances because of the influx of cash collections. 
    Will I need to completely overhaul my processes and procedures? 
    We will work to make everything you are doing better. You will be able to decide for yourself what you want to change. We will not require you to change it all. We help our clients do what they are already doing…but with communication that will transform results. 
    Are there scripts that I will get that will help me implement and get faster results? 
    We don’t do scripts. We have frameworks. We will give you our specific frameworks and help you implement directly. 
    What is the biggest difference between what you offer compared to the programs and coaching I’ve done in the past or am currently doing? 
    We have such a unique approach that is brain-based and nobody is coaching this. The reason is that most don’t know about this research, how to teach it, and how to implement. This is customized work that is unique to every individual. It takes hard work on behalf of the coach or coaching company. We take pride in doing the hard work and helping every one of our clients get the results they deserve. 

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